Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fairy Tales Revisited

Yesterday, I finally put up a real display in the second set of window shelves in the Teen Zone. These window shelves are problematic, because they can be hard to get to (there are giant bean bags all along that wall that sometimes end up in front of the windows) and mostly fade into the background because they're set back into the wall.

I knew going into this that the display would either need to be eye-catching or be based around something the teens are always looking for (the other window display is of YA books that have a Lexile number above 1000). I opted to go with eye-catching because it meant I would get to be a little crafty.

So, here it is:

Not the greatest picture, but I used a cell phone camera - what can you do? I know you can't tell because it's far away (I'll post some close ups and a better full view when I can get some decent pictures!), but down on the bottom self is a "glass" slipper I made out of tape and plastic wrap (here's the tutorial I watched to figure it out) beside a white tissue paper rose. Up on the top shelf is another tissue paper rose, along with the "Fairy Tales Revisited" sign I made, and around the corner is a twisted paper beanstalk (inspired by something I saw on a blog I don't remember awhile ago - if I find it again, I'll post the link) that stands out nicely against the red of the wall.

In case you haven't seen it, Epic Reads has a wonderful chart full of all sorts of YA Retellings, including fairy tales. That's where I started finding titles (although there are lots that aren't on there as well).

Hopefully, this will get those window shelves noticed!

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